Isuzu FX-Series Truck

The FX-Series Truck is a powerful extra-heavy commercial truck with a carrying capacity that will impress anyone and a work ethic like no other. Perfect for small, medium and large jobs, this machine will get work done faster than you can give it out.

A history of power

Following 25 years of commitment to reliable and work-ready trucks, Isuzu has responded to the call of South Africans for solid and reliable vehicles. The FX-Series truck can give your business a fast, economical and powerful tool for heavy freight, medium haul operations and almost any other heavy-duty application required. Its incredible work capacity, interior features and reliable design make it great to operate daily.

Safe to drive

If getting the job done safely and economically is important to you, then the FX-series trucks are for a great choice for your company. Investing in an Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) vehicle is a smart choice for anyone looking to reduce costs and driver stress. It will make driving easier, more economical and more operational for trucks while increasing safety by preventing missed gear changes and allowing the driver to focus more attention on the road.

Strong engines to ensure the job is done

The versatility of the FX-Series can be seen in the sheer variety of body types that can be fitted. It is truly a creature of adaption, with several long and medium-distance designs that are purpose-built to get things done. The FX Series is powered by a 265kW turbocharged engine that can deliver 1 422NM of torque at 1 400 RPM. It’s also fitted with common rail diesel injection technology as well as Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology to maximise power and efficiency.

Finding the perfect FX-Series truck for your business is just a phone call away. Learn more at Jacksons today.

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