Jacksons Queenstown

Jacksons Queenstown

2 Sprigg Street Queenstown

Tel 045 838 1023
Fax 045 838 1028
Email lauren@jacksons.co.za

Welcome to Jacksons Queenstown

Jacksons Garage is a GM dealership that started way back in the early 1920’s by the Jacksons Brothers. The current owner, Mark Wilson, bought the company in 1990. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength and expanded to include a branch in Dordrecht. Our dealership has under gone major alterations and upgrades, putting us in line with the General Motors Standards worldwide.

As a business, our main focus is on our customers. We believe that a happy customer is a customer for life. We strive to ensure that we understand our customers, meet our customers’ needs and even exceed their expectations in every way possible. Our doors are always open to help a customer in any motoring need they may have.

Opel. Wir leben Autos.

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Jacksons Queenstown
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